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Protección Patrimonial - Altipat
 In recent years, people have been more frequently concerned regarding their wealth management and protection, this resulting – among other causes- from Mexico’s insecurity problems or the markets instability; or perhaps by having a disabled family member and wanting to protect him or, maybe, because of a bad divorce or bad family relationships; also to avoid extortions and abuses with all kinds of claims or unjust third party pretensions that can affect your family’s or your own wealth. Protección Patrimonial - Altipat The best way to achieve a proper asset and wealth protection is through a trust; trusts offer transparency, security and confidentiality.  The main advantage of trusts is that the provided assets will remain on behalf of the institution acting as trustee and such assets will no longer be part of the client’s wealth, avoiding easy access to information. In this case, the financial statements of investments and check accounts are issued on behalf of the trust; titles of shares of any company will be endorsed on behalf of the trustee and therefore the entry in the corresponding books, and the same with real estate, the Real Estate Public Registry will have them registered under the trust. Trusts can be constituted in Mexico or abroad, depending on the client’s needs, and these trusts can be holders of real estate, money, shares, rights, and, depending on the institution, also movable property. In ALTIPAT we analyze and study each client in a very specific way in order to determine the kind of service that they need. In case you need a trust, we can help you choose the right trustee institution attending your needs and we get the most convenient prices for our clients.