Wealth Management


Wealth tax planning.

Tax advice for individuals.

International tax advice.

Double Taxation Treaties.

On land and property matters…

Purchase, sale and lease of real estate in Mexico and abroad.

Review of title deeds.

Generation and release of mortgages.

Bailments, usufructs and barters.

Mergers, division and creation of condominiums.

Double Taxation Treaties.

Acquisition or lease of other assets…

Purchase and sale of works of art.

Purchase and sale of yachts and airplanes.

Acquisition and import of cars and classic cars.

On banking and insurance matters…

Review of Bank’s deposit and investment agreements.

Review of loan agreements, promissory notes and guaranties.

Legal analysis of agreements and insurance policies (key person, professional liability, health, life and international insurance).

Insurance claims in Mexico and abroad.

Claims for medical and cosmetic treatments.

About trust services…

Local and international trusts.

Decision support in selecting the fiduciary institution.

Estate, business, investment, escrow and testamentary trusts.

Legal audits and reviews to check on fiduciary compliance.

Personal and family investments…

Design and structuring of investments in Mexico and abroad.

Legal audits on personal and family wealth.

Location and recovery of assets.


Adoption processes in Mexico and abroad.

Legal strategy and representation of athletes, painters, musicians and actors.

Donations to charities.

Collection of pension benefits.

Medical and elderly care services.

Advance directives for severe illness events.

Cooperation with authorities on crimes against persons and their estate.

Review of private protection and security agreements.