About us

Welcome to ALTIPAT:

The first law firm of its kind, which, following the model used by the most prestigious law firms in the United States and Great Britain, specializes entirely on wealth, business and estate legal planning for individuals, families and family offices in Mexico.

Our clients include the most successful business families, women and men in Mexico, the most prestigious executives, doctors, architects, engineers, painters, musicians, accountants, lawyers and professionals who have the vision to prepare for their future and to find the best legal strategy to increase, manage, preserve and transfer their assets accumulated with so much effort.

The lawyers at ALTIPAT have worked for many years in the banking, tax and financial consulting sectors, as well as estate, family and real estate sectors, which differentiate us from other law firms, and allowing us to better coordinate with our clients’ financial advisors, evaluating, in a more practical and flexible manner, their options with regard to their personal and family goals.

Another characteristic that distinguishes ALTIPAT is that we charge a fixed rate based on the value that we offer to the client instead of billing based on time, as other firms do.

The personalized attention at a reasonable cost in banking, commercial, civil and tax matters that ALTIPAT’s lawyers offer, and the close coordination with our clients’ financial advisors, allow us to offer the most innovative and attractive market solutions.

At ALTIPAT, we work every day to offer the best legal strategy so that our clients can do what they need to be successful and preserve their wealth.

Welcome to the ALTIPAT experience.